GG Team Member, Jesse, takes on South Coast Serenity

The second I found out that we were releasing a South Coast package, I knew I wanted to experience this getaway for myself. Growing up, I’ve enjoyed many holidays to the NSW South Coast and love the area’s beautiful coastline, gorgeous seaside towns and feeling of distance from responsibility and routine. Having this relationship with area, and my mum’s desire to plan a mother-daughter weekend, the new South Coast Serenity package presented the perfect opportunity for me to catch up with great friends and return to one of my favourite childhood holiday destinations. Before I get into the details of our dreamy getaway, I’d like to thank all the girls for being such wonderful company. As you will read, I loved this package, however sharing it with a great group of ladies really topped it all off!

Our Pack List:

  • 2 x outfits (featuring a touch of pink for GG spirit)
  • About 15 bottles wine… (Promise we didn’t get through it all!)
  • Clyde River Oysters sourced from our South Coast local
  • Cheeses, dips, crackers and other nibblies
  • Camera

Destination: Mollymook, NSW South Coast

Mollymook is a peaceful coastal town in the city of Shell Harbour. It sits close to historic Milton and ocean-side Ulladulla, offering a detached, country feel. Mollymook boasts a beautiful landscape with the entire town centred around the pristine stretch of turquoise water that is Mollymook Beach. In recent years, the town has gained considerable attention for hosting Rick Stein's popular restaurant, Bannisters. Following the gourmet trend set by this development, the area has seen the emergence of a number of great restaurants and cafes, making it a perfect destination for a girls weekend! 

mollymook map 2.png

3.5 hrs south of Sydney or 2 hrs east of Canberra.

Setting: Contemporary Beach House

A beautiful beach house set the scene for our South Coast escape. This house offered 4 bedrooms, each decorated with coastal touches, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen and spacious dining and living areas. The heated deck which included an outdoor lounge, dining table, bbq, ping pong table and outdoor shower, that opens out the garden was one of the particularly lovely features of the house. This beach home acted as the perfect base for our girls weekend.

Rear of the House, the spacious deck, a few beachy touches.

The Getaway:

Friday Night:

Our girls weekend kicked off on Friday night with all of us arriving in the late afternoon. After a quick exploration of the 4 bedroom beach house, we discovered what would become our favourite place – the couches on the heated deck with ocean views. Though we did have some loose dinner ideas… (with the beautiful Bannister’s Restaurant nearby), this discovery quickly replaced them as we realised we had come across the perfect setting for a girls’ night in. Bubbly was poured, cheese was plated and oysters were prepared as we set ourselves up for an indulgent girls’ night. It didn’t take long for us to tuck in and begin reminiscing with this fabulous start to the weekend.

Preparing the bubbly, our fave spot, girls catching up.

Saturday Morning:

Our first morning in Mollymook saw us enjoy some freshly baked bread from the historic bakery in Milton and a cup of tea as we attempted to spot whales from the deck. Mid-morning saw the arrival of our lovely beauty therapist, Heather, who treated us each to a relaxing 30 minute massage and ensured we were able to let go of our stress. Whilst waiting for each other’s beauty treatments, we embarked on our own escapades. Wanting to check out the coastline, I headed down to Mollymook Beach and battled a strong desire to swim in the "fresh" winter water, (the water was stunning!). Other girls in the group took off whale spotting and explored the local coastline. Once we’d all enjoyed our massages (thank you Heather!), we picked our lunch outfits and prepared ourselves for our visit to Cupitt's Winery.

Milton Bakery, lovely Mollymook Beach, whale-spotting from the deck.

Saturday Lunch:

Thanks to our lovely driver, Mae, we all arrived at the winery in perfect time for our GG exclusive wine tasting. Continuing the trend we’d started the night before, we were all given 7 different wines to taste, 3 whites and 5 reds, and were explained the flavours present within each. After this, we were led through to our table and prepared for our 3 course lunch. The menu at Cupitt's was incredible and it was difficult to pick our entrées, mains and desserts. Luckily, for those of us that had opted for matching wines, we didn’t have to make any more decisions regarding the menu as we were offered wines perfectly suited to our meals. As soon as the first plates arrived, we knew we were in for the culinary experience of a life time.


Getting a little excited for our 3 course lunch.

It’ll take too long (and make me too hungry) to describe all of our meals so I’ll just give you a quick run-down of my 3 course lunch.

  • Entrée: Salt cod croquettes, polenta, saffron Verjus mayonnaise and harissa paired with Cupitt ‘Alphonse’ Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Main: Grilled local Snapper fillet, parsley, lemon and rainbow chard and spring onion coulis paired with Cupitt Viognier.
  • Dessert: White chocolate cheesecake, passionfruit coulis, sesame biscuit, caramel crumb and raspberry sorbet paired with Epitome Late Harvest Riesling.

My Entree, my Main, my Dessert.

Each of these dishes were delicately plated and cooked to perfection (the pics above don’t do them justice!). As you can imagine, we all felt very full after this decadent lunch so decided to go for a stroll around the winery. We managed to get in a few pics before the sunset and then drove the quick 10 minutes back to our beach house.

mollymook collage 5.jpg

Fun in the vineyards after a little too much wine.

Saturday Night:

Though, again, we had loose plans to visit Bannisters for pizza and drinks, the 3 course lunch took its toll on our appetites and we instead opted for a second night in. After a few hours, we managed to squeeze in a couple of nibblies and glass of wine to top off an indulgent Saturday.

Sunday Morning:

Sadly, our last morning had arrived and we woke up early to make the most of it. After compiling our breakfast foods and a quick trip up to the bakery, we prepared ourselves a deluxe breakfast of freshly baked bread, bacon, eggs, haloumi, avocado and marinated tomato & mushroom. Topping off what had been a food extravaganza, this breakfast acted as the perfect energiser for our last day on the South Coast. Packing up our things, and fitting in a quick game of table tennis (we’d promised we’d play this after finding the table), we hopped in the car and left our holiday home.

Breakfast on the deck, our morning greeting, the deck.

Sunday Lunch:

As we all had a few hours left together before the drive home, we decided to explore the area a little more. The first stop on the list was Mollymook Beach, which we walked along as dolphins swam by. Unfortunately though, we didn’t spot any whales, so it was onto the second stop, Warden Head Lighthouse. This was a brilliant place for admiring the coastline and to our amazing luck, turned out to be the ideal whale-spotting destination. A first for most of us was the sighting of two breaching whales only 200m off the shore. Although I would love to have a pic of this (and a video of our ecstatic reaction), I was a little too slow with my camera so I’ll have to leave it up to your imagination. Stop 3 was Hayden's Pies, where we each picked up gourmet family pies so that we could take home a touch of the South Coast for Sunday night dinner. Finally, we pulled into the cute historic town, Milton, to browse the vintage shops and enjoy one last meal together at vegetarian café, Pilgrims. Toasting our fabulous weekend, we readied ourselves for the journey home, promising to getaway again soon.

Watching the dolphins, whale-spotting, Pilgrims Cafe in Milton.

Thank you to all the girls – Marianne, Kathy, Mae, Kathryn, Amanda and Ruby - for their great company, to Caroline, Bobbi & Steve for having us stay, to Heather for her relaxing massages and to Cupitt's Winery for a divine lunch. South Coast Serenity truly exceeded my expectations and I can't help but recommend it to you.

Your getaway lover,