Why you need a Moolies Getaway



Meet Our Moolie: Kathryn
Not only does GG Team Member, Kathryn, help to book in your getaways here at GG, she's also raising three kids on the side. With her daughter graduating high school this year, Kathryn knows exactly what it feels like to have your child finish school and why you need to have a celebration of your own!

Whoolie Doolie you’re a Moolie!

Just when you thought the days of your daughter's endless dance lessons, playdates, netball finals and frozen yoghurt allowance would never end, you find yourself a Moolie (Mother of a Schoolie).

Perhaps you were dreaming of a week where your wardrobe stayed full with your clothes and your shoes were in their right place, hairdryer where it should be, make-up wipes and hairspray still in your bathroom cupboard. Or maybe you were dreaming of a week where you wouldn’t hear, "Mum, Hey Mum, MUMMMMM!"", Can you drive me to..." and" What's for dinner?". But now that the time of Schoolies is approaching, the thought of your daughter being without you for a week not able to ask you anything and everything is frightening.

Instead of spending endless nights lying awake concerned that she may not make the right decisions, why not escape yourself with a group of your besties or other Moolies - after all you deserve it! 

You won’t worry need to worry about running into your daughter and mortifying her at a night club in Bali or the Gold Coast (even thought the look of mortification on your her face might make it worth it). We've made sure that all of our Moolies packages offer that must needed dose of indulgence and relaxation (that you more than deserve) and are well away from the busy Schoolies destinations. Even our Balinese Tropical Oasis package has been carefully positioned out of major tourist areas and with a full range of beautiful inclusions to ensure that you can properly celebrate and unwind. 

Now all that's left for you to do is decide if your group of school mums is more of a wine tour, poolside cocktail or shopping spree kind of party!

Your GG Moolie,
Kathryn xx

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