Meet Our New GG Team Member - Kathryn Global Gal

Kathryn blog.jpg

Q.During your time as a flight attendant which was the most interesting place you visited?

A.Uluru  -  I loved seeing the vast landscape and then this massive rock standing out.

Q.Having lived in other countries did you get away with new friends on a girls getaway?

A.Yes, to Florence for the weekend and also a weekend to Paris.  We also organised as many day trips as we could including the Christmas Markets in Cologne, Vincent Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, A day in The Hague, etc

Q.What locations are on your travel bucket list?

A.Lapland. Finland

Q.Having a hubby and 3 kids what’s your key tip for managing everything?

A.Alcohol…..just kidding.   I think just trying to keep the lines of communication open and check-in with everyone as much as I can.

Q.What’s the importance of spending time with your girl friends.

A.Very important!  Time with your girlfriends is so important as everyone leads such busy lives we need to spend good quality time together to chat about the deeper things in life and let our hair down.

Q.What will be your GG team member role?

A.Organising your Girls Getaways