Should your wardrobe be different now you're 50?

The answer is yes, maybe not overnight. Lets face it a midriff top, low slung shorts are not going to have the same effect as when you were 20 something, even if you are genetically blessed with everything still in the right place, like boobs bums and tums, it's a no go.


I was fortunate to have a coffee with Lee Baker-Louis a Sydney Stylist, to many, and also ran a Style & Co Masterclass at Business Chicks HQ.  Lee has wonderful eye for style for different body shapes and colouring, I trust her and eager to hear her words of wisdom.


When asked “What’s your advice on applying trends as you get older?”

“As we get older it’s hard to know whether to follow trends are not and what is age appropriate.  A general rule is to follow trends if you like the trend, though don't show too much skin, and pair it back with pieces that are classics, such as jeans, blazers, black pants etc”.


It is so easy to get in a rut with fashion as you get older, Zoe Foster- Blake shared some enlightening wisdom, as she is queen of all things beauty and fashion,  you will feel good and your mood will lift, if you feel good with what you are wearing, make that little bit of effort.


So with my best girl friends of similar age, we are going to make the most of our time altered bodies, and spend some much needed girl time, styling with the expert Lee, of course indulge in a high tea and bubbly to muse over what our new found styles.

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