Saying Namaste on Your Wedding Day

For all our future brides planning their big day, we think you'll be inspired by our friends at Surfside Yoga who introduces our brides to the one thing that helps brides to keep calm and relax on their wedding day... YOGA!

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Imagine the morning of your wedding day... waking before the sun rises, checking your weather app, breakfast with your bridesmaids. Then your hair and make-up team arrive, bubbles to settle the nerves, your bouquet is delivered. You pose for so many photos your face already aches from smiling and before you know it you’re on your way to the ceremony. There is so much to fit in you barely have time to breathe! That was a problem for me on my wedding day, I knew that I needed to inhale and exhale, to get grounded and energised before I walked down aisle to meet my handsome groom. So I decided to call on one of my favourite yoga teachers for an early morning yoga class on the beach. 

Yoga is a huge part of my life and so it seemed only natural to get on the mat on such an important and special day. I think perhaps at the time some of my bridesmaids would prefer to have stayed in bed, but they felt so good afterwards that they still rave about how much they loved it. 

Early morning smiles after my wedding morning yoga session and before I say I Do. 

Early morning smiles after my wedding morning yoga session and before I say I Do. 

Choosing a yoga teacher is extremely subjective; the person I chose is a very caring, genuine and happy soul - my instinct told me that she had the type of energy I would want to be around on the morning of my wedding. That trusty instinct was right and we enjoyed a fun sequence with bucketloads of breaths, beautiful quotes and a calming relaxation. 

Starting the day at the beach is always magical but it’s even better with yoga. Flowing on the sand, watching the sun rise and sparkle on the ocean, with the sound of waves rolling into shore. I remember us all coming into bridge together and feeling the support, belief and love of the amazing friends around me. All here for me, not just on my wedding day but beyond into my future. 

Like most brides, I was so excited about walking down the aisle that I had got very little sleep the night before, but thanks to the yoga session I spent my wedding day feeling so alive, energised and ready to get hitched to the man of my dreams.

Everyone always tells you how fast your wedding day will go, and they’re right - it flies. Practising presence on my yoga mat in the morning, helped me to continue this throughout the day, so now when I look back on the day instead of it being a blur, I have vivid snapshots and memories in my mind.

The lead up to any wedding is generally full of manic last minute preparations, so creating space to step back from the doing and to just be had a really calming effect, I felt a sense of relief that the day had finally arrived and now all I had to do was enjoy it, any nerves melted away and were replaced with calmness and clarity. 

Keen for other brides to experience the benefits of yoga on their wedding day, I now offer this service around the Northern Beaches. To me, marriage is a union between two individuals and also two families, whilst yoga creates unity between your mind, body and heart. How perfect is it then to start off a day with a practice that is all about becoming one?

I can't promise you won't feel nervous, but you will feel calmer and be better equipped to deal with the nerves!

Each wedding day class is customised according to the bride’s requirements, but usually, it is a dynamic and flowing style of yoga to get freshly oxygenated blood and prana (energy) moving around the body. So that the bride walks down the aisle and into her marriage with an open heart, we integrate a lot of chest opening postures.

Your wedding day is all about you! So you get to choose the location - your home, accommodation, in a park, by the lake, or on the beach. All levels are catered for, useful for bridal parties that have a mix of yogis and total beginners.

If you're a bride who needs to keep calm and relax on their wedding day check out Surfside Yoga here.

Lou, Surfside Yoga x