Laine's Guide To All Things Bali

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When I think holiday the words relaxation, cocktail, copious amounts of delicious food and sun springs to mind. With only a 6-hour flight separating us, Bali is only a stone throw away and can offer all of the above AND MORE! Bali is our go to holiday destination for any time of the year, however make sure you have your poncho in the wet season (roughly October to April). Fear not! Whether it’s hot, rainy, cloudy or sticky, Bali has some of the best bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants…so good it’ll make you forget about how stinking hot or soaking wet you might be.

Before you get to Bali there are a number of MUST HAVE ITEMS!

Laine Swimwear Uluwatu full piece
Laine Swimwear Padang bottoms and Pandawa top
Photo ID
Travel documents – these include accommodation print outs,
                                                       TRAVEL INSURANCE (this is a MUST!), maps of the                                                          Seminyak area and all of your emergency contact numbers


If you are like me, you tend to head to Bali and buy more than you anticipate…OOPS! It happens to the best of us, SO….to avoid hefty baggage payments on your return ensure you pack ONLY the essentials! One more quick Laine packing tip, leave heavy items such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash and moisturiser at home and purchase there! It’ll save you a little more room to squeeze those extra unnecessary pieces in on the way home. PACK LESS TO SAVE MORE!

@Madiwilcox wearing the Uluwatu full piece in Bali.  Shop this look here.

@Madiwilcox wearing the Uluwatu full piece in Bali. Shop this look here.

Now that we have packed our bags with all of the most appropriate pieces (plus the not so appropriate pieces that seemed like a good idea at the time) it’s time to move onto the more exciting parts. Where to eat, drink, swim, drink some more and tan….

Seminyak is our all time favourite Bali destination; this is because it’s central to all of the best drinking and eating spots in Bali. Here are Laine’s top Bali picks for Seminyak!

Revolver: The BEST coffee in town, this little hole in the wall café is the bees knees, its atmosphere, friendly staff and unreal coffee makes revolver the best way to start your day! P.S The carrot cake is a MUST!

Sea Circus: Sweet, sour, salty, tangy? Sea Circus has your back, with a brekkie menu that stretches as far as your brekkie imagination goes, you’ll be stuck for what to choose. Smashed avo on toast with a cappuccino and a watermelon, lemon, pineapple juice is where i’ll be each morning! But don’t be fooled! Their lunch and dinner menu is just as amazing!

Nalu Bowls: ALL HAIL THE SMOOTHIE BOWL GOD. Nalu bowls has got smoothie bowls down pat. These super healthy bowls taste SO GOOD you think they should be bad. The uluwatu bowl is a coconut lovers dream.

Saigon Street: Vietnamese food in Bali, why not?! Saigon Street has a menu filled with amazing dumplings, curries and rice paper rolls, not to mention a cocktail list to match. You must try the frozen coconut daiquiri, you’ll thank me later ;)

Cafe Zucchini: Feeling like your Bali holiday is catching up with you? And not in a particularly good way? Zucchini café offers amazing fresh salads and juices for under $10! If I’m ever feeling a little guilty about overcompensating in the sweets department i’ll head straight here!
Petitenget: You need to eat here at least once; TRUST ME WITH THIS…their menu is full of amazing fresh produce, locally sourced and it will absolutely blow your socks off. It is so reasonably priced and the food is to die for! I have no top picks as it’s all AMAZING!

Motel Mexicola: The BEST Mexican we have ever eaten! The only way to do Motel Mexicola is with the banquet! Approximately $20 a head and an endless supply of amazing Mexican dishes catered to vegetarians, meat eaters and seafood lovers! Stay late enough and you’ll catch the tango line and dancing tequila man…be careful though you might accidentally find yourself dancing on tables ;)

Potato Head: This place offers all of the best things in one, cocktails, pools, tanning and delicious food. Make sure you get there early to secure a day bed...please note your minimum spend for a day bed is IDR 500,000 which can be spent on both food and drink….does that mean more cocktails….YES PLEASE!

Enough of the food and drink, is a Bali trip even a Bali trip without bringing home an extra 8kg of shopping in your suitcase? Here are our top shops to make sure you return with a few goodies ;)

The Bali Tailor – for custom leather pieces
Equilibrium – gooseberry lingerie flagship store/ nail salon
From – for your basics
Drifter Surf Store

After all the shopping, all the tanning (in your Laine swimwear of course) and all the eating, you’re probably due for a bit of pampering! Our one stop shop for massages, manis, pedis, haircuts, you name it they’ve got it, is Bodyworks.  Central to Seminyak and easily accessible by taxi, bike or walking. A Laine travel hint, as your trip progresses your hair starts to have a mini meltdown…book yourself in for a hair treatment on your last day to ensure your hair is in as good condition as when you arrived!

Ultimate relaxation @bodyworksbali

Ultimate relaxation @bodyworksbali

Enjoy your Bali getaway; there is really no other place we would rather be! For all your swimwear needs, Laine Swimwear has got you covered.