The Knock on effect of lovely words

Today we received some lovely words from one of our GG groups in the Hunter Valley this weekend. I passed on the praise to the others who contributed to the wonderful success of the weekend for Sherri's group. I promptly received an email from our Wine Tour company Jen, in her words she replied, "Makes it more than "just a job" when we are all appreciated". Its these simple words that have impacted 4 other businesses and made their "job"more than that. Sherri volunteered the information and took the time and energy to "put Keyboard to Screen" (the old pen to paper). Thanks Sherri. It made our day. 

Sherri's note:

Hi Jennifer

Just wanted to let you know we had a fantastic time over the weekend.  The cottage was great and very relaxing, Steve was terrific as our wine tour guide and Katie was a gem.  I would highly recommend your services to any of my friends and me and the girls have decided to do this at least twice a year.  Thank you so much it was just what we all needed in our busy lives.