Spa Dreaming / Mornington Peninsula Victoria 


  • Main course from our set menu of five options
  • A glass of wine, tea or coffee
  • Bathing in our Spa Dreaming Centre from 6pm until 9pm
  • Robe, towel and locker hire

Bath house
For a night out with a difference, gather some friends and book our unique dinner and bathing package on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Bathe in our Spa Dreaming Centre pools from 6pm and dine in the café at this tranquil coastal oasis of health and wellbeing. 

Entering the bathing area is like stepping into another world, a sanctuary where the mind and body are calmed by the steam, soothing aroma and the sound of running water. It’s a place where time is forgotten and lingering is part of the code of harmony.

Enjoy access to the thermal mineral pools, poolside lounges, cold plunge pool, zen chi machines, infrared sauna, traditional sauna, massaging bamboo shower, steam bath (Hammam), private bathing pavilions and outdoor pools.

Available to adults 16 years and over. 


Any amount


Friday's and Saturday's are $85per person. 10% surcharge applies on public holidays.