GG Sisterhood

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Our GG Sisterhood is a special place made just for girls who love travel, girl's nights and everything indulgent. Become part of our group of fun loving ladies and receive getaway inspo, special deals and maybe even a bottle of complimentary bubbly for your next girl's trip!

Baby Sister

Sign up and receive access to exclusive travel tips, girl's night inspo, fortnightly getaway specials and personalised birthday deals. 

Little sister

Return from your first trip and receive advanced access to getaway specials and exclusive promotional offers. 

Big sister

Book your second trip and receive a bottle of bubbly (per every 4 guests) on arrival. 

Already a GG Sister? Use the codeword emailed to you this week to view your newest Secret Special.

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If you're not already one of our sisters, we'd love you to join our group of bubble lovin' ladies and help you get excited for your next getaway.